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One particular focus of this initiative is the field of education. Sunwah has been dedicated to the promotion of a better educational system since its inception. Back in the early 1970s, the Choi family returned to their hometowns of Zhongshan and Macau to provide solid financial backing to establish kindergartens, primary schools and colleges.

Sunwah extended its education funding to areas across China and Canada during the 1980s. The Group established educational foundations for various universities in Hong Kong and China to annually acknowledge distinguished teachers and students. In addition, Sunwah founded the Choi Koon Shum Chinese Academy of Sciences Honorary Academician Foundation and the China Association for Science and Technology Sun Wah Young Scientist Foundation to support IT development in China.

More recently, given a growing demand for professionals in the technology and financial field, Sunwah has made donations to establish non-profit making universities, institutes and development centres. These include Sunwah Pearl Training and Development Centre, Guangdong Sunwah Education Institute and Sunwah International Business School (SWIBS) of Liaoning University to train IT and finance professionals. SWIBS has collaborated with the De Montford University of UK since 2004.

In recognition of the need to speed China’s educational reforms, Sunwah, in conjunction with Michigan State University and Beijing Normal University, established two Research Centers, the “US-China Center for Research on Educational Excellence” and “China-US Education Research Center”. These Centers design effective and sustainable models for teaching as well as school governance, whereby a set of guidelines for effective education practices can be developed and implemented.

Sunwah Foundation founded the 3e International School in Beijing to put these models into practice. After the implementation of this modern teaching model, 3e School became one of the most renowned kindergartens in China.

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